Offer for rendering services and payment of tourist services.

1. General Provisions
1.1. This document is an official offer of the travel company IP Popov Nikolay Leonidovich (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") for customers to make a contract for the provision of tourist services, under the conditions specified below and is published on the website http://eng.ancontur.com/
1.2. This public offer for the provision of tourist services and temporary accommodation services (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is made in a special way: by the acceptance of this Agreement containing all the essential terms of the Agreement, without the sign of the parts.
1.3. This agreement is an agreement of adhesion. The fact that confirms the acceptance of the conditions set forth below, and the acceptance of this public offer is the request of tourist services.
1.4. This contract is considered closed from the moment of its acceptance and is valid until the parts fulfill all their obligations under this Agreement.
1.5. From one side IP Popov Nikolay Leonidovich, and visitor of http://eng.ancontur.com/ (Client) on the other side, have concluded this Agreement as follows:

2. Agreement subject
2.1. The subject of this agreement is the provision by the Company to the Client of tourist services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, that is to say:
The tourist services (tour services) in this contract are understood as the organized package of travel services: accommodation in hotels and private apartments, car rental, excursions and other services. The exact list of tourist services can be found on the website http://eng.ancontur.com/ .In this type of service IP Popov Nikolay Leonidovich acts either as a tour operator, that forms a tour package independently or as an agent, that implements tour packages of tour operators
on the terms of the agency contract.
on the terms of a direct agreement of the agency.
2.2. The terms of this Agreement are completely accepted by the Client. Evidence of full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement is the implementation by the Client of the procedure for total or partial payment.

3. Rights and obligations of the parts
3.1. The company is obliged to:
3.1.1. Provide complete tourist services, according to the program chosen by the Client. The cost of the program is determined by the Company.
3.1.2. Guarantee the quality of the provided tourist services.
3.1.3. Inform the Client about the conditions of acquisition and keep of the Company's tourist services.
3.1.4. Inform the Client, with proper time, in case of an increase in the prices of services rendered or changes in the dates of the provision of services for reasons beyond the control of the Company.
3.2. The Company has the right to:
3.2.1. Cancel the reservation, if the payment of the Client is not received within the agreed period.
3.2.2. Terminate this Agreement with the Client unilaterally, notifying the Client the terms of culmination of the contract, such as the possibility of a refund of money, minus the corresponded penalty.
3.3. The Client is obliged to:
3.3.1. Pay in time for the requested tourist service, in accordance with the prices and on terms set by the Company.
3.3.2. Familiarize him/herself in the website http://eng.ancontur.com/ , in an independent way, with the information on the content of the tour service.
3.3.3. Provide the Company with reliable and sufficient information necessary for the organization of the touristic services.
3.3.4. Assume the costs related to a late arrival of the Client to the place of the arranged services.
3.3.5. During the trip: respect and follow the laws, social structure, customs, traditions, religious beliefs of the place of temporary stay; follow the established rules of nature protection, historical and cultural monuments; follow the rules of personal safety, do not harm the property of thirds; promptly inform the Company of the lack of provision or improper provision of services by thirds.
3.4. The Client has the right to:
3.4.1. Receive from the Executor the services paid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
3.4.2. Terminate this Agreement in compliance with the refund policy set forth at http://eng.ancontur.com/

4. Payment procedure. Refunds.
4.1. Prices for travel services by the Company are indicated on the website http://eng.ancontur.com/
4.2. Mutual settlements between the Company and the Client are made in Euro.
4.3. The customer pays for touristic services using one of the ways indicated on the Company's website. The fact of the payment is considered confirmed after total or partial payment to the Company's payment account or the Company's private account in the payment system.
4.4. In case of a change of the value for circumstances beyond the control of the Company, the Company will make a cost recalculation, having notified the Client about it earlier, and the Client will make the necessary additional payment.
4.5. Procedure for refunds to the Customer:
4.5.1. After the end of the contract and (or) the Client's refusal from touristic services, the Client should send a written request to the Company for the return of funds, or a scan of the completed request to e-mail: [email protected] . The Company will analyze it in a period of 10 working days and will determine the amount to be returned, minus the amount of the fine imposed on the Company's website.
4.5.2. To start the refund procedure, the Client independently must send a request to cancelation to e-mail: [email protected]
4.5.3. A the moment of refunding the money paid on the website http://eng.ancontur.com/ using the payment system, besides the fine imposed to the Executors of the touristic services, in the same way will be imposed an obligatory fine to the Client for the 4% no matter the causes or time period for the refund.

5. Responsibility of the Parts. Special conditions
5.1. The client is responsible for providing the personal datain a complete and reliable wayfor the correct realization of the payment operation,when booking and buying the Company's touristic services.
5.2. The Company is responsible for the quality and punctuality of the touristic services provided to the Client in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
5.3. The Company is not responsible to the Client:
• for expenses incurred by the Client and other negative consequences that happened as a result of: unreliable information necessary for the performance of the contract, conditions necessary for the online payment.
• for the loss, stealing of personal luggage, valuables objects and documents of the Client during the trip;
• in case the Client has problems due to the lack of proper documents or violation of the rules of behavior in public places;
• for the lack of provisions of touristic services that do not depended of the Executor in technical, organizational, financial way and(or) other reasons that impede the provision of services.
5.4. Bigger force circumstances (fire, natural disasters, techno-genic catastrophes, storm warnings, military actions, decisions of the highest state bodies, strikes, breakdown of transport, etc.), as a result of which the obligations arising from this Agreement cannot be fulfilled, and the parts will be freed of liability for obligations.
5.5. The client is warned and agrees that in exceptional cases the Company can replace the services of temporary residence included in the request made (including the replacement of rented houses or apartments) with similar services.

6. The procedure for resolving disagreements. The procedure for making a claim.
In the event of disagreements and disputes arising from the failure or improper implementation of this Agreement or regarding this, the parts will have to find a way to resolve them through negotiations and the achievement of a global solution or agreement.

7. Conclusion, modification and culmination of the contract
7.1. The taking place moment of the present Accepted Agreement is the moment of transfer of total or partial payment to the Company's current account.
7.2. This Agreement is valid until the parts fulfill all their obligations under this Agreement. Tourist services, which are the subject of this agreement, are considered to be completely and properly provided from the moment that the Company accomplishes all the points of this Agreement.
7.3. This contract may be changed or ended by agreement of the parts or on other grounds provided for by the current legislation or this agreement.

8. Company requisites.
IP Popov Nikolay Leonidovich
Address Russia. Moscow, pd Nansena, en 1, of 343

E-mail: [email protected]

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